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We offer a wide range of Sound Design and Sound Effects Editorial options to suit your project and budget needs. With ProTools HDX at the core of our operations, and using a wide variety of stock effects from Sound Ideas™ and The Hollywood Edge™ as well as an ever-growing in-house library of created effects, our editors can bring your project to life in ways you may have only imagined.
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In conjunction with great Sound Effects creation, and at the heart of any great audio post workflow is great Foley. We work with only the best and most experienced Foley Artists and Mixers in the Los Angeles area, in some of the most sought after Foley Stages, to yield the best possible product. You supply the final locked picture, and we take care of cueing, recording, and editing.
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Whether your project is playing back in theaters, at festivals, home entertainment, or on your smart phone, we have a mix solution to meet your needs. Need to meet broadcast level standards for the USA or abroad? we have you covered there too. All of our technology and years of experience will come to bear on you end-user needs.
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Have a finished project that just got picked-up for international distrobution? then you need a final “Fully-Filled M&E” mix for foreign dubbing. With countless years of experience adding fully-filled Foley and editorial to domestic masters, we can ensure you have a foreign master that is fully compliant for your delivery requirement.
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Looking for someone with the ability to sync and restore older foreign and domestic soundtracks to your new digital video masters? we have you covered there too. Send us your DAT, DA-88, or other older formats and we will conform and restore them so that they can be embedded into your Apple ProRes and other digital video formats for archival or broadcast.
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who we are :
A co-op of audio professionals in Hollywood, CA, dedicated to the advancement of professional audio work.
contact us :
PO Box 800144, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0144
Telephone: (818) 561-7711
what we do :
Full compass sound work for Indie Filmmakers, Television Broadcast, Web Delivery, and New Media Content.
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